UNDP-GEF Kura II: Advancing IWRM Across the Kura River Basin

Kura II Team Members on Euronews Georgia Morning Show

05 Mar 2021

On March 4, Kura II Team Members - Maka Julakidze and Kakha Bakhtadze visited Euronews Georgia Morning Show to talk about E-Learning Program about Rationale Water Use

The watch the Show in Georgian, please, visit the link - What Does it Mean to Use Water Rationally?

The online course was developed within the framework of the UNDP-GEF project “Advancing Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) across the Kura river basin through implementation of the transboundary agreed actions and national plans”. 

The online platform came out in three languages: Georgian, Azeraijani and English. The objective of it is to help citizens understand the importance of rational use of water resources and encourage them to change behavior. The project is implemented by the non-profit organization “Environment and Development” [ED] with the support of the consulting company “Mindworks”.

E-learning course consists of two principal categories: one part is for school graders and the other one is a community course. 

Courses for schools is designed for three age groups: III-V grades, VI-VIII grades and IX-XI grades. School educator course consists of five modules:  1) Geography of River Basin, 2) Climate Change and Water, 3) Rational Water Use, 4) Life in Water and Water in Ecology and 5) Protection of Water Quality. 

The course will be intoruced to and distributed in schools in Georgia and Azerbaijan, and will become a part of the schools’ extra-curricula programs. The regional city of Gori in Georgia was used as one of the first cities to inroduce rational water use among school pupils in past years; soon the online course will be offered to Tbilisi schools as well.  

Community Course consists of engaging educational animated videos that will help users understand what knowledge one has now about water resources management and help them imagine what onecan start doing today for a better future.

The objective of the course is to help interested people understand the critical issues related to the sustainably managing water resources: existing problems and challenges, expected outcomes and risks, practical tips and concrete solutions.

Anyone interested in using water resources can use the online course. It can be especially useful for farmers, local government employees and business representatives.

Community course consists of five modules: 1) Is there Really a Water Deficit? 2) Rational Use of Water – Municipal Water, 3) Rational Use of Water – Agricultural Water, 4) Water Quality and 5) Advances in Water Management.  Each module has one animated video and one short test. The average video length is 4-6 minutes and includes an overview of important issues. Each test consists of several questions and 10 minutes will be enough to complete it. 

Users can reset tests several times, 1-1.5 hours will be needed to fully complete the course.

To maintain its sustainability, the platform will also become part of the official ministry portals, including Environmental Information and Education center of the Ministry of Enrivonment and Agriculture of Georgia.