UNDP-GEF Kura II: Advancing IWRM Across the Kura River Basin

Comics Books on Water Conservation to Raise Awareness about Water Saving

15 Jan 2021

Educational comics books to raise awareness on water conservation issued in Azerbaijan and Georgia.

The books, came out in three languages: Azerbaijani, Georgian and English, and are in two editions and which have six stories each.

Comics books will be distributed in both digital and hard copy forms in Tbilisi and Baku and will reach as many readers as possible to initiate a change on excessive water consumption deeply rooted in people’s minds.

Taking into consideration a cultural background of water consumption in countries across Kura River basin, comics books will cautiously and smoothly introduce innovative ways and new technology, challenging old in a modern world where water becomes more and more scarce and reaches less and less people around the globe.

With the help of beautiful drawings and smart texts with important messages on sustainable water use, books will tell stories that will be both informative and entertaining for all aged groups, and declaring water as a precious and vital natural resource for every living on Earth.

Each drop of water counts in a Kura River basin where climate tends to become more arid compared to previous years.Comics books will tell readers more about farmers who start to practice drip irrigation, will teach children to close a tap when brushing teeth, use grey water for gardening and realize one’s role for a major shift.

Books were initiated and produced by UNDP Kura II Project and supported by Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources and Ministry of Environment and Agriculture of Georgia and Arts Council of Azerbaijan.Comics books series is one way among others for the UNDP Kura II Project to raise awareness on sustainable water use across Kura River basin.