UNDP-GEF Kura II: Advancing IWRM Across the Kura River Basin

IWRM Academy

The UNDP - GEF Kura II IWRM Academy is an intersectoral regional capacity building body, dedicated to improving the knowledge and skills of professional water managers and key stakeholders in Azerbaijan and Georgia. Integrated Water Resources Management requires that all stakeholders share an understanding of the importance of water to our sustainable development. The UNDP-GEF IWRM Academy topics are drawn from regional priorities and trainings target levels of stakeholder groups aptitude and interest. Stakeholders from top professional managers working in many sectors of the economy, to end users who benefit from water services can benefit from the trainings we provide.

Instructors are recruited from the best of international experts, with combined academic and applied experience. The trainings are conducted in national languages. Trainings range from half-day to multiple blocks of 2 day trainings that range over several months. Successful students will receive signed “Certificates of Completion” for each course successfully competed. These trainings are critical to professional development, and for appreciating the gifts of water to our lives.

Participants in the UNDP-GEF IWRM Academy will be drawn from a wide range of water dependent sectors, including: Ministries and agencies addressing issues of environment/ecology, agriculture, energy, infrastructure, economy/finance, planning, foreign affairs, emergency situations, and public and private companies working with amelioration, waste water management, electricity, food production, transportation and others. training participants also come from universities, the NGO community, the hospitality and tourism industry, the press, local communities, educators, gender mainstreaming focused organizations, and other international organization teams. Under special agreement, trainings may be organized to address specific needs.

There is a limit on the number of participants for each training session and re-registration is required. For more information on the training schedule, and to determine if a particular training is right for you or your organization, please contact Ms. Hajar Huseynova for more information.