UNDP-GEF Kura II: Advancing IWRM Across the Kura River Basin

Kura II Project at the 22nd River Symposium

UNDP-GEF Kura II Project’s Chief Technical Advisor and Regional Project Coordinator Mary Matthew is participating 22nd International River Symposiu

Symposium was held in the Brisbane city, Australia. The people in the photo from left to right Ivan Zavadsky - Former head of GEF IW, and current Secretary of ICDPR - Danube Commission, Natalie Degger of IWLEARN, Janerio Janerio from Okavango River Basin, Carla Littlejohn of the International River Foundation, Mary Matthews from UNDP-GEF Kura II Project and Vladimir Mamaev - Regional Technical Advisor UNDP GEF International Waters. 

Together we are building partnerships for Rivers around the world!