UNDP-GEF Kura II: Advancing IWRM Across the Kura River Basin

Stakeholder Training on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) for NGOs

On 15 April 2019, at UNDP-GEF Kura II Tbilisi Office Stakeholders Training On Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) For Non-Governmental Organizations was led by Dr. Mary M. Matthews and Eng. Abou A. Elseoud.

Different local NGO members - "Green Alternative", "Ecovision", WWF, "Green Movement", "CEEN", have participated the training. Environmental management and policy students from the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs were attending as well.

The purpose of this training is to raise awareness about the challenges associated with the fresh water resources, various aspects of the water resources management and empower the training participants.

The presentation part was followed with the discussions about the current situation in South Caucasus and in Georgia in particular.