UNDP-GEF Kura II: Advancing IWRM Across the Kura River Basin

Third National Project Advisory Group Meeting 14 September 2018

The Third Georgia National Project Advisory Group (NPAG) Meeting was held at the Tbilisi office of the Kura River II project on 14 September 2018. The main discussion was about the formulation of the two regional and five national working groups, their objectives and expected deliverables.

The representatives of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture, National Environmental Agency, Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, Tbilisi State University, United Irrigations Systems Company, United Water Supply Company, Georgian Water and Power Company and EUWI+ project attended the meeting.

After the presentation of the Senior Capacity Building Expert, The Georgia NPAG members discussed the status of the water code and the recent updates related to water sector in Georgia. Additionally, EUWI+ representative Zurab Jincharadze shared their project updates with the Kura II project members.