UNDP-GEF Kura II: Advancing IWRM Across the Kura River Basin

The Second PAG meeting of the UNDP-GEF Kura River II Project 26 October 2017

The second PAG meeting of the UNDP-GEF Kura II Project was held on 26 October 2017 at the Kura II PCU office. Representatives of Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, State Agency for Water Resources of Ministry of Emergency Situations, Republican Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology of Ministry of Health, State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan Amelioration and Water Economy JSC, AZERSU JSC and BSU attended the PAG-II meeting.

The meeting objectives were to provide updates on the UNDP-GEF Kura River Project since the PAG-I meeting as follows:

·     Summary of the Environmental Flows Meeting

·     Summary of the field trip to survey Shamkirchay and Alijanchay rivers with a view of the implementation of the pilot project on determination of Eflows and river restoration

·     Summary of the Regional Water Indicators Meeting in Tbilisi and next steps

·     Summary of the River Restoration Meeting and next steps

·     Summary of the Regional Hot-Spots Meeting and next steps

·     Brief update on international experts: recruitment status, roles and scheduled missions by Mr. Ahmed Elseoud

·     Update on the visits of International Experts on Environmental Water Economics and Laboratory Quality Management to Baku, Azerbaijan

·     Plans related to the UNDP-GEF Kura II IWRM Academy in January, 2018 and E Flow Training for November 23-24, 2017 in Baku

·     Discussion on proposed agenda items for the First Regional PAG Meeting, Baku, Azerbaijan, January, 2018.

Dr. Matthews, Chief Technical Advisor and Regional Project Coordinator informed the meeting participants that over the period of January and May 2018 a total of 12 trainings workshops will be held for representatives of MENR and other stakeholders from water sector covering the following topics:

1)     Pollution Emission Inventory

2)     On Implementation of EUWFD

3)     Water Economy

4)     Standard Operation on Laboratory Accreditation ISO 17025

5)     Academy IWRM for rising decision-makers and the students for next 5-10 years

In addition, it was emphasized that in the course of the Regional PAG meeting to be convened in Azerbaijan in the year 2018 the discussions will be focuses on Regional Water Quality Indicators, Situation related to Ground Aquifers, Pollution Abatement Plan and Hotspots Reports.