UNDP-GEF Kura II: Advancing IWRM Across the Kura River Basin

CTA Monthly Note for October 2019

This post covers what the UNDP-GEF Kura II Project has accomplished during October 2019 and what are the plans for November 2019

In October 2019 we have:

  • Held the Opening Ceremony for the Educational Awareness Campaign for Rational Water Use in the Municipal Sector “Water for All” with NGO ED on 2 October in Gori, Georgia. Around 11 links of media on news and social media outside the Project sources. 
  • Training on the Application of Drip Irrigation System for Rational Water Use in Agriculture Sector for farmers in Azerbaijan. The training was attended by 23 participants
  • Conducted the Block II of the River Ecology training on 7-11 October in Azerbaijan and Georgia. 16 participants form Azerbaijan and 9 participants from Georgia have joined the training
  • Held the Midterm Review Workshops on Environmental Flow Methodology Application in Azerbaijan and Georgia
  • Conducted H2Otel Water Saving Awards Kickoff Training on October 9 in Azerbaijan. The training was attended by 20 people from various hotels and it was covered by around 12 media sources; 11 national and one international
  • Conducted the second training  Block on Pollution Abatement and Cleaner Production on 14-18 October in Azerbaijan and Georgia. 16 participants from Azerbaijan and 15 participants in Georgia have joined the training
  • Arranged field trips to the regions to investigate the major polluting sources in Azerbaijan and Georgia to develop pollution abatement plans for these sites
  • Conducted trainings on Women and Water in Hajigabul and Saatli, Azerbaijan with State Committee on Woman, Family and Children.
  • Conducted the first training block on the use of GIS in Water Management on 24-25 October in Georgia. The training was attended by 12 participants
  • Present the UNDP-GEF Kura Project as a case study for the GEF International Waters TDA/SAP Methodology at the International River Symposium in Brisbane Australia and served on two panels including GEF IW Best Practices
  • Lectured 2 separate sections of the Environmental Sciences course, with overall 101 students on Water Resources Management at ADA University in Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Finalized installation of drip irrigation system in Tsalka, Georgia within the Demo project for Rational Water Use in Agriculture Sector.
  •  Conducted field mission to Kakheti, Georgia to prepare for the opening of the drip irrigation system in one of the fields as part of the demonstration project for Rational Water Use in Agriculture Sector in Georgia.
  • Finalized the evaluation of the technical offers for installing the online monitoring system for groundwater in the Alazani-Iori basin and award the contract to the winning company
  • Main speaker in a workshop for around 50 people on Rational Water Use in Municipal Sector in Azerbaijan on 30 October co-hosted by Azersu, the Municipal Water Company of Azerbaijan
  • Conducted the Regional training on Transboundary Groundwater Monitoring in collaboration with the International Groundwater Resources Assessment Center (IGRAC), in on 30-31 October, Baku Azerbaijan for 8 groundwater professionals from Azerbaijan and Georgia and 3 junior experts. 
  • Conducted the second training block on Water Law Enforcement on 28 Oct-1 Nov in Azerbaijan and Georgia. 12 participants from Azerbaijan and 8 participants from Georgia have joined the training
  • Updating Project Web Page (http://www.kura-river.org) with IW:LEARN and GRID Arendal
  • 3 articles published on sputnik.az – regional news agency. Topics are: H2otel and water saving, interviews with team

In November 2019 we will:

  • Conduct the 3rd Regional Project Advisory Group Meeting on 6-8 November, in Qalaalti, Azerbaijan for 39 participants from the region
  • Organize the Official Opening for the Demonstration project on Rational Water Use in Agriculture Sector in Georgia on 13 November 2019 in Kakheti. 
  • Conducted the teachers’ training on Rational Water Use in Municipal sector under the awareness campaign “Water for All” in Gori, Georgia for 30 teachers
  • Conduct the third training block on GIS for Water Managers on 14-19 November in Azerbaijan and the second block of the same training in Georgia
  • Conduct the 6th monitoring campaign on the E-flow in Azerbaijan and Georgia
  • Training on the Application of Drip Irrigation Method for Rational Water Use in Agriculture for farmers in Georgia
  • Kick-off meeting for the River Restoration demonstration project on Constructed Wetland in Baby Hajigabul Lake in Shirvan, Azerbaijan
  • Conduct detailed environmental audit to the major polluting facilities in Azerbaijan and Georgia
  • Participate in the Azerbaijan Tourism Summit 29 November
  • Conduct the third training block on Hydrological Modeling on 25-29 November in Azerbaijan and Georgia