UNDP-GEF Kura II: Advancing IWRM Across the Kura River Basin

CTA Monthly Note for June 2019

This blog post covers what the UNDP-GEF Kura II Project has accomplished during June 2019 and what are the plans for July 2019

In June we have:

  • Co-facilitated Georgia Tourism Awards Conference
  • Conducted the final block of the Laboratory Quality Management training along with the Hands-on experience in the field in both countries
  • Shared one experience note on Junior Experts program with the IW:LEARN
  • Arranged preparations for 3.3. River restoration projects for improved ecosystem health using integrated flow management in Azerbaijan and Georgia
  • Worked on the announcement of RfQ for output 5.1. Improved assessment of groundwater and surface water based on IGRAC’s assessment report
  • Arrange another field trip for sampling, data collection and analysis of the Regional Working Group on Shared Water Quality Indicators in Azerbaijan and Georgia
  • Hire the Project Officer for Baku, Azerbaijan Office
  • Prepared for the Steering Committee Meeting in Shamakhi, Azerbaijan

In July we will:

  • Have the Project Steering Committee meeting in Azerbaijan on 8-9 July
  • Conduct H20tel training on 2nd July in Tbilisi
  • Submit of PIR for GEF 2019
  • Hold meeting with leadership of the EUWI+ Project, and Attendance at the National Water Policy Dialog Meeting in Baku
  • Have the 4th field trip with the Environment Flow study team
  • Conduct training on Environmental Assessment by Tom Stafford for in Azerbaijan and Georgia on 15-16 July and 18-19 July
  • Arrange field visit to Zedazeni brewery near Saguramo in the Aragvi Basin together with Tom Stafford to discuss possibility of involvement of the company in the pollution abatement demonstration project on 19 July
  • Record videos on Laboratory sampling in the field and interviews on Lab training
  • Distribute Draft of Mid Term Evaluation to Steering Committee Members for review and comment
  • Conduct the training on GIS technologies applied for water management (Block I) on 29-30 July 2019 in Azerbaijan 
  • Meeting with the State Committee on Women, Children and Family Issues in Azerbaijan for cooperation on women's trainings
  • Participate in the Green Climate Fund preparation workshop in Azerbaijan
  • Hold a meeting and presentation to the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources, Minister of Agriculture, Deputy Director of Amelioration JSC, and Representatives of AzerSu on water assessment for the Kura Basin in Azerbaijan, and development of a report on the comparison between Azerbaijan irrigation practices and those in other countries
  • Recruit Project Officer for Azerbaijan PCU
  • Submit PSC Minutes to Istanbul Regional Hub Quality Assurance for review
  • Finalize Regional report on the transboundary groundwater management by IGRAC
  • Announce the RFQ for the installation of the Groundwater monitoring system on the Alazani (Ganikh)-Iori river basin