UNDP-GEF Kura II: Advancing IWRM Across the Kura River Basin

CTA Monthly Note for July 2020 – August 2020

This post covers what the UNDP-GEF Kura II Project has accomplished during July 2020 and what are the plans for August 2020

July 2020 we have

  • Held the Kick-off meeting for the design of the Hydro-heroes Mobile App which was covered by 10 local news agencies in Azerbaijan, meeting attending by Government Focal Points, UNDP CO Deputy Resident Representatives, Ministries of Education, water supply companies for Georgia and Azerbaijan, NGOs IDEA and ED, and companies implementing the app and associated materials.
  • Conducted the 9th field campaign for E-Flow monitoring in Shamkirchay and Alijanchay in Azerbaijan
  • Conducted 2 workshops to discuss the results of the E-Flow study in both Azerbaijan and Georgia E-Flow teams and International River Ecology Expert
  • Held extended meeting with Azerbaijan National Focal Point to address questions raised in Project Steering Committee
  • Finalized the lining of the constructed wetlands in Hajigabul, Azerbaijan and start putting gravel and stones to construct the basin
  • Started the construction of the solar panel system in Krtsanisi park and approved the detailed work plan submitted by the contractor
  • Finalized the design of the greenhouse for the aquaponic system and supported IDEA NGO in selecting the proper company for constructing that greenhouse in Azerbaijan
  • Made local press appearances arranged by MENR and gave 4 TV Interviews by the Senior Capacity Building Expert on freshwater scarcity situation in Azerbaijan and solutions to face this issue
  • Organized an ad-hoc Regional Working Group meeting for Ground and Surface Water Quantity Assessment to discuss the current draught situation in the Kura basin
  • Produced the second edition of the comics book
  • Produced the 3D character for the project promotional materials
  • Publicized the second video on progress in Hajigabul constructed wetland on social media and website
  • Attend meetings with UNDP CO Azerbaijan and UN Regional Coordinator Office on drought crisis
  • Hold virtual environmental flow meetings with national teams and international expert
  • Hold meeting with Georgian company Mindworks on developing on-line educational materials based on Kura Box for both countries
  • Conducted assessment field mission in Kakheti Region for the installation of online groundwater monitoring systems in Georgia and discussed
  • Developed the draft report for the international experiences in using differentiated tariff in water management
  • Finalized the report for the capacity building plan for pollution abatement
  • Finalized the report on capacity building for law enforcement

August 2020 we will

  • Conduct assessment field mission to Qakh-Balakan region for the installation of the online groundwater monitoring stations in Azerbaijan
  • Finalized the procurement to purchase and install the Aquaponic system in Azerbaijan
  • Conduct the Kickoff meeting for the Aquaponic system training center
  • Finalize the procurement for the intake pump station and the fish farm in Krtsanisi Park and collect offers
  • Finalize the 10th campaign for E-Flow in the Kura River basin in Azerbaijan and Georgia
  • Finalize the selection process for the RFQ for installing the aquaponic system and start the construction of the greenhouse for the Aquaponic System in Azerbaijan
  • Support MENR with developing the updated GIS database and conduct training for the staff on using the database in Azerbaijan
  • Finalized the filling of the constructed wetland with gravel and stones in Hajigabul, Azerbaijan
  • Finalize the construction of the cable network to supply the intake pump station with electricity from the Solar panel system in Krtsanisi park in Georgia
  • Finalize the report on the international experiences in using differentiated tariff in water management
  • Finalize the report on the road map to implement the differentiated tariff in water management in Azerbaijan
  • Continue to post actively on all project social media accounts and emphasize empowered awareness raising