UNDP-GEF Kura II: Advancing IWRM Across the Kura River Basin

CTA Monthly Note for February 2021 - March 2021

UNDP-GEF Kura II Project: CTA Monthly Note for February 2021 - March 2021

In February 2021 we have
 Organized two online workshops to present the Final results and road map to implement the environmental
flow methodology in each country.
 Translated the final report on the results of the environmental flow methodology in Georgia to the national
 Finalized the sampling and analysis of the water quality at the intake and outlet of Hajiqabul constructed
wetland in Azerbaijan.
 Delivered the final report on the impact of the constructed wetland in Hajiqabul on the ecological status of
baby Hajiqabul Lake in Azerbaijan.
 Finalized the dubbing videos for 7 training modules for the IWRM Academy training in Georgia
 Finalized the procurement of the Heating system for the greenhouse that will host the Aquaponic system in
 Finalized the report on the hydrological impacts of the project rational water use demos in both Azerbaijan
and Georgia.
 Conducted a meeting with MENR to present the Beta version of the Hydro Heroes mobile App.
 Organized two online workshops to launch the E-learning portal for awareness raising in rational water use
for school students and local communities, one in each country.
 Finalized the 2-day online training course on the application of the hydrological modelling in the Shamkir Chay
River in Azerbaijan for the Azerbaijani trainees.
 Finalized the Article on the H2Otel Awards as an initiative for public private partnership on rational water use
in the hospitality sector.
 Finalized the project budget revision to the end of 2020 and get approval from GEF and UNDP IRH.
 Registered the UNDP-Kura II project’s initiatives in the UN new voluntary SDG Acceleration Action as the first
registered project globally.
 Started the promotion of the project’s Comics Books in both countries
 Started the first round of a Series of presentations on Kura Box, Comics Book and Rational Water Use for
schoolchildren takes place in Baku Book Center/Azerbaijan.
 Awareness raising campaign starts in both countries
 Finalized field work to install the groundwater monitoring systems in the three sites in Georgia.
 Starting the construction work for the intake well at the Kura river to feed the Oxbow Lakes in Krtsanisi Park
 Developed 2 experience notes for GEF IW:Learn, one on the impact of the CW in Hajqabul on treating the raw
sewage water before it goes to the lake, and one on implementing the Holistic methodology in estimating the
Environmental flow in Azerbaijan and Georgia
In March 2021 we will:
 Finalize the project exist strategy and send it to the two NFPs for comments.
 Complete hiring process of Project Terminal Evaluator and start the terminal evaluation process.
 Conduct an official opening of Constructed Wetland Demo project in Hajigabul/Azerbaijan.
 Arrival of the Aquaponics system equipment to Baku and start installation.
 Conduct final workshops in both countries on the impacts of rational water use demo projects.
 Start field work to install the Online Groundwater Monitoring System in Azerbaijan.
 Finalize the installation of the data acquisition system for the GW online system at the hydrogeological
department in NEA, GE.
 Complete hiring process of 3 Georgian hydro-biological monitoring experts
 Start the first field campaign to collect samples and lab analysis for the hydro-biological indicators in
the Kura River in GE.
 Finalize the construction of the gabions and the main intake well at the Kura river to feed the Oxbow
lakes in Krtsanisi park
 Finalize the AZ version of the mobile Application and arrange the Launching ceremony for the App.
 Complete hiring process of international expert on Water Resource Management
 Complete printing and distribution of Kura Box themed posters and brochures in both countries.

 start populating the IWRM Academy training materials in 3 languages0 on the project training Digital portal
 Translate the final report on the results of the hydrological modeling in each country to the national language
 Finalize the Video on the application of the Holistic methodology to estimate the Environmental Flow in both
Azerbaijan and Georgia
 Continue the awareness raising presentations with Baku Book Library
 Start production of videos for awareness raising on water issues as per request of MENR and MEPA.
 TV Interview about Kura II project contribution for the restoration of Krtsanisi forest park to Euronews