The UNDP-GEF Kura II IWRM Academy will be offering the first training in Azerbaijan on Environmental Flow Methodologies and Application. This two day training on 7-8 December 2018 will be led by out international expert, Eng. Ahmed Abou Elseoud, in staged environmental flow applications. This begins with the simplest hydrological methods and will advance through expert judgement to the wholistic approach, largely viewed as international best practices. Application of Environment Flows in Azerbaijan is a critically important issue that influences how water users can best share water resources to benefit all users, while also protecting the river environment. As a downstream country, dependent on river flow for environmental sustainability, and development, these issues will be incorporated into this training.

Recent Events in Azerbaijan

he UNDP-GEF Kura II Project is pleased to announce the upcoming Azerbaijan National Project Advisory Group (PAG) Meeting to be held in Baku Azerbaijan on 26 October 2018 at the Project Coordination Unit Offices. This meeting is an important forum for members of the water management community to come together, to discuss activities of the project and within the sectors. This esteemed group provides input and guidance to the project. Their professional orientation toward sustainable water resources management and investment in the outcomes of the project enables them to provide strong support to the project implementation. We are proud to announce that the October 2018 AZ PAG Meeting included a presentation by Mehmet Asadov of the Amelioration Company of Azerbaijan of the work of the Joint Stock Company.

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National Events in Azerbaijan

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November 13 2018 the UNDP-GEF KURA II Project will host the Second Meeting of the Working Group for River Restoration. This meeting will feature presentations by the International Expert for River Ecology and River Restoration Eng. Andrea Gultara, on International Best Practices in River Restoration, and applications for the Kura River Basin. National River Ecology Expert, Dr. Reshail Ismayilov, will present sites suggested with the criteria suggested in the previous meeting of the Working Group. Mr. Gultara will take questions from the members of the Working Group, and discuss how this work will benefit the ecosystem of the Kura River, as well as benefit the people in the Kura River Basin. Following this meeting Members of the Team Kura Team, including experts and representatives of the Ministry of Ecology will head off onto field mission to explore sites along the Kura River for on site assessments, and potential application methodologies. We will all get muddy. This meeting will be held in the Project Coordination Unit Office in Baku.
Upon the Request of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources in Azerbaijan, the UNDP-GEF Kura II Project will host an International Water Project Coordination Meeting on 23 November, 2018 in the Project Coordination Unit in Baku. The objective of this meeting is to establish coordination between projects working with water management in Azerbaijan. Invited guests include the EUWI+ Project, ENPI SEIS II Project, and EU Twinning Project on Environmental Quality. This meeting will be held regularly and intends to build on the efforts of ongoing projects to benefit the people of Azerbaijan,